Courses at Lincolnshire Regional College

If you are looking to find something interesting, exciting and rewarding to do with your future career then Lincolnshire Regional College is exactly the right place to get the training you need and employers look out for.

Studying at Lincolnshire Regional College is all about developing your independence, making new friends, taking advantage of new opportunities and learning new skills for your future career. We offer courses for you to express yourself, whether you want to be a performer, hairdresser, engineer or work in the health sector; the sky is the limit!

It’s really important that you apply as soon as you’ve chosen your course. That way we can get your name down for the course that’s perfect for you.

But – it’s never too late and it’s important that you make the right decision about your course and career.


When we’ve received your application form we will write to ask you to attend an interview with one of our friendly course tutors, you can even bring your parents/guardians along with you if you want to.

Simply follow the instructions in the letter you’ll be sent, which will give you all the details you need. At the end of the interview you may be offered a place on the course (subject to you achieving the necessary qualifications).

After your interview we will send a letter telling you what will happen next.

Accepting a place

Following an interview, if you’re offered a place you will be asked to confirm that you would like to accept it, and the place is then yours (subject to achieving the necessary qualifications) and won’t be given to anyone else.

What’s next?

Once you have received your GCSE results, you will then be asked to come and enrol at the college. Don’t worry if you don’t receive the grades you were expecting, there is always something we can do to help. When you’ve enrolled, you’ll then be ready to start your course.

Business and Computing

Whatever you plan to do in your professional life, the chances are that it will involve some kind of ‘business ’, and careers in business are expected to grow by 6% new jobs in our region by 2022*.

It might seem an almost impossible task to become part of a multi-million pound organisation, let alone become the owner, but here at Lincolnshire Regional College we’re here to help you. So whether you see yourself as a future Director or a valuable member of a team, take a look at the courses we have to offer, all of our Business and Computing courses provide you with the knowledge and skills to get a job in our local area within a whole variety of businesses. Set your course for this rewarding area and you’ll soon be on the path to career success.


  • Business Administrator
  • Financial Services
  • Sales Supervisor
  • Software Developer
  • IT Administration
  • Technical Support
  • Systems Analyst
  • Web Developer
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Human Resources
  • Event Planner


This course will introduce you to the skills used in Business as well as aspects of Computing.
The course may include Networking and Computer Systems, Database Creation, Project Management, Web Design and Development, Finance, Business Planning, Brand promotion and Marketing and Project Management. All Learners will take part in work experience in a business environment.

You may also be able to discuss future options with real local businesses. getmemymortgage a mortgage information website has allowed us to speak with there team to find out what it is like to work in the world of finance


When you study Childcare at Lincolnshire Regional College, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about looking after the future generations.

Learners get the chance to work alongside people who have all worked in a varied, fun and satisfying career that comes with working with children. Working with children requires lots of patience and enthusiasm and if you’re interested in working with them why not let us help you develop those natural skills and prepare you for a long and rewarding career.


  • Nursery Assistant
  • Early Years Teacher
  • Nursery Nurse
  • Nanny
  • Classroom Support Worker
  • Health Visitor
  • Play Worker


The course is college-based with a small amount of time allocated for placements for suitable learners.This course is designed to stimulate interest and encourage the learners’ understanding of the skills required to care for children
During the Level 2 Diploma you will complete seven units; ranging from child development to communication and professional skills within childcare and education. You will also continue to develop numeracy and literacy skills by attending functional skills classes.


After successful completion of your Further Education qualifications you could choose to continue your study with Higher Education such as a Foundation Degree in Children, Young People and Families or FdEd in Early Childhood Studies or go straight into employment. The CACHE Level 3 Diploma in Childcare and Education (Early Years Educator) is a qualification that prepares you to work unsupervised, or in a supervisory capacity, with children and their families in a variety of settings and environments within the sector of Children’s Services. This qualification is the equivalent to three A Levels.

Construction Multi Skills

Anyone looking to learn more about what it’s like to get a career in construction will find this Multi Trades course a great place to start.

This study programme offers a broad introduction to Carpentry and Joinery, Plumbing and Electrical Installation. It is suitable for people who are maybe not sure which construction trade is right for them and want to learn the basics of all these trades alongside the skills needed for the daily life and work.

Many Construction workers begin by working with small to medium enterprise organisations (those with less than 250 employees), and many will eventually go on to self-employment.


  • Ground Worker
  • Maintenance Operative
  • Bricklayer
  • Estates Management
  • Building Maintenance


During this course you will learn aspects of plumbing, Electrical Installation and Carpentry and Joinery with a view to progression to the next level in your preferred subject.
Learners will take part in work experience as part of the course. Functional Skills in English, Maths and ICT are a key part of this programme.

Carpentry and Joinery

Training for a career in Carpentry & Joinery offers you the chance to become one of a group of highly skilled crafts people in our area.

During your training you’ll benefit from obtaining skills that are practical and social, working alongside other people from the Construction trades, directly for customers and even on community projects, you’ll develop skills that will be yours for life. Historically a career in this area will see you joining some of the most highly trained and respected people in an industry that has been at the forefront of building technologies for generations.


Site Joinery
Workshop Joinery
Site Manger
Quantity Surveyor
Building Inspector


In Carpentry and joinery you will learn about using woodworking joints and using power tools. Also carrying out first and second fix operations, building structural carcasses and the use of a circular saw.
All learners will take part in work experience as well as working in the workshops at college.

Electrical Installation

A career as an Electrician is ideal for someone who is physically fit and doesn’t mind working in small spaces

The job prospects are fantastic for someone with the right qualifications and you could easily earn up to £38,000* once you have complete your training. But, if you like the idea of being out and about, going from site to site and getting stuck into the day’s work then being an Electrician is a perfect choice. Because of the inherent safety issues involved with electrical installations it is tightly regulated by the Government and has a strict set of qualifications that you must achieve in order to work as an Electrician. As a result of this, it can be complicated to become a qualified Electrician, but that’s why they are in such high demand and short supply, this is why they’re among the most well-paid of all construction trades


  • Domestic Electrician
  • Commercial Electrician
  • Data Cabling
  • Testing & Inspecting
  • Telecommunications


Electrical Installation is concerned with the electrical circuits and wiring systems for houses and other buildings.
You will also learn about how electrical systems work in machines, as well as wiring electrical equipment and circuits, assembling electrical cable enclosures and wiring and testing electrical panels. Learners will be able to take part in work experience as part of their course.


The Lincolnshire Regional College’s Learner of the Year Award 2015 was presented to Electrical Installation learner, Cooper Ridal, 17, a former Pupil at John Spendluffe School. Cooper said

“I wanted to come to LRC because I live in Alford and it’s close. I love learning new things as we go along and the practical side of the course. I’m now going up to Level 2 and I want to be an Electrician when I finish.

“The Tutors at LRC are really nice and the other learners are amazing, they’re all down to earth and easy to make friends with. Everyone knows everyone and it’s such a nice atmosphere, I really love it!”

Cooper Riddall


At this very important time of your lives it is vital that you choose the right subjects and the right place to study.
At Lincolnshire Regional College you can be certain you’ll be getting an education in an inspiring and innovative environment, and by the time you’ve completed your studies you’ll be ready to take on the world.

Whilst we would strongly recommend you try to achieve the very best GCSE results possible, don’t worry if you don’t get the grade that you were expecting at school, or to achieve a GCSE in Maths or English to progress your education. We provide special study choices for anyone who wants to improve their grades and they can all be studied alongside our Further Education choices.

We offer both GCSE English and Maths which can be studied as part of any of our full-time study programmes.


The skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening are of vital importance in many areas, both in the daily world and the world of the imagination
Not only are they essential in many careers, they also underpin successful study at all levels, and a proficiency in them can also add immeasurably to an individual’s general quality of life.


Hairdressing is a career that never goes out of fashion.
Anyone with an interest in learning how to create the perfect look who is committed, enthusiastic and motivated, will love these courses.

You’ll train in our state-of-the-art training room and will experience salon life using the latest equipment and learning the latest treatments under the guidance of our highly-trained, inspirational tutors. There are literally hundreds of salons across our region and that doesn’t even count Barbers, Mobile Hairdressers or Beauty Salons and Spas. Everyone needs a good Hairdresser, and we can give you the expert training you need to have a constant list of recommendations and referrals.


  • Hairdresser
  • Salon Stylist
  • Freelance Hairdresser
  • Salon Manager
  • Film/TV Stylist


Working in our professional salon learners in Hairdressing will develop skills in shampooing, conditioning, styling, colouring, cutting and perming hair.
All learners will have the chance to take part in work experience.

Hospitality & Catering

Training at LRC’s Hospitality Department prepares you for a life-long career; whether you’re planning to work in a 5* Hotel, provide food for residential care , run a local café or hope to work at a Michelin Starred restaurant.

Of course working in Hospitality isn’t just cooking, there are lots of opportunities available Front-of-House, and our training will give you all the skills you’ll need to deal with any situation in this exciting industry. We’re proud that our learners train in a real-life environments and are supported by award-winning chefs and professionals. By being part of our team you’ll learn to provide a first-class service to customers in a variety of different settings.


  • Product Development Chef
  • Waiter/Maitre d’
  • Chef
  • Bar/Restaurant Manager
  • Butcher
  • Baker
  • Catering Supervisor


Learners in this area will work in the professional kitchens learning cooking techniques and preparing food. Courses will start with an introduction to food preparation and cooking as well as restaurant service skills.
You will learn the basics of knife skills and food hygiene and will produce fish, meat, poultry and pasta dishes as well as baking, cake decorating and bread making. Alllearners will all have the chance to take part in work experience.


17-year-old Lucy studied Level 1 Hospitality & Catering at Lincolnshire Regional College and was awarded as the Hospitality & Catering Student of the Year at the Brilliance Awards 2015.

Lucy said: “I heard from my friends how good the college was and I’ve made friends with lots of the learners and the tutors since I started. The training gives you basic knowledge of the industry. We train in the kitchens at LRC and then learn about the theory side; healthy eating and the different food groups

“I was speechless when they announced I’d won the Student of the Year award at the Brilliance Awards. There were lots of other learners who deserved it too. My family were really proud.”

Lucy-Anne Smith


Contrary to popular perception, Plumbing is a very interesting and varied career. The sheer variety of work makes it impossible to list all the different careers you can go into. Plumbers work in all types of buildings , including: houses, flats, cafes, restaurants, hotels, pubs, airports, aeroplanes, trains, stations, colleges, schools factories, hospitals, ships…

It’s a fact that people need water to survive, so everywhere there are people, there will be a need for Plumbers, this is why it also one of the highest earning Construction trades, it is a very skilled occupation and with UK House building set to rise by 20.2% by 2018, the demand for Construction Industry Trades is very high.


  • Domestic Plumber
  • Commercial Plumber
  • Gas Service Engineer
  • Oil Service Engineer
  • Solid Fuel Engineer


As one of our Plumbing learners you will learn about the principles of plumbing systems, the importance of water pressure, pipe-joining techniques, hot and cold water supplies and above ground drainage.
Work experience is available to all students so that learning can be put into practice and skills perfected.


“I really like being a learner at Lincolnshire Regional College, the other learners and staff are all very nice.”

“The workshops have workbenches we can use, equipment to use for bending pipes, and all the tools you need to do the job.”

Evan Dobson

Uniformed Public Services

Anyone considering a job in the Armed Forces or the emergency services should take a look at our Uniformed Public Services courses, an ideal starting block for anyone wanting to go into one of these rewarding careers that could you earning up to £55,000* in our region

Uniformed Public Courses cover all the practical and theoretical related areas you need to succeed, giving you some great insights into what life is like in the Police, Fire Brigade, Navy or Commandos. Our Uniformed Public Services Tutors will teach you everything you need to help you get a brilliant career, so set your course to Uniformed Public Services course today.


You will be challenged physically through fitness sessions and adventurous activities as well as the opportunity to study law, government and citizenship in this course.
Areas such as criminology, war and conflict and current affairs are also studied alongside the physical activities. You will improve your teamwork, fitness and leadership skills, which are essential for a career in the Armed Forces or other public services. Work experience will form a part of the course too.


  • Ambulance Crew
  • Armed Forces
  • Dog Handler
  • Police Officer
  • Prison Officer
  • Fire Fighter


Daniel has completed Level 1 Uniformed Public Services and is looking forward to Level 2 having seen his confidence soar throughout his first year. Daniel said:

“I want to go into the Forces and Lincolnshire Regional College is the closest place to where I live that offers the qualification that I wanted to do. I’ve made lots of new friends and it’s just like one big family.

“We get to go on lots of trips and actually meet people who are working in the Armed Forces. They give us lots of tips on how they got in and progressed when they were our age. When I finish Level 2 I’d like to carry on with Level 3 and then hopefully I’ll be able to sign up for the Army.”

Daniel Cooling